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     WE ARE LEADERS _ customers who want to book geodesy, territory planning, domain property projects and estate plots as well as building cadastral survey services in Lithuania usually refer to us because during long years of work we gained experience that allows to apply current legislations while pursuing tasks according to customer’s demands along with accomplishing the most complicated projects.


ONE OF THE BIGGEST IN LITHUANIA _ we have over 100 geodesists, architects and cadastral measurements engineers with the highest qualifications. Subsidiaries of “GEOMETRA” are located in the biggest cities of Lithuania therefore it is convenient to order the services in your city; and the tasks are performed THROUGHOUT LITHUANIA.


21 YEARS OF EXPERIENCE _ “GEOMETRA” is working since 2001 thus has more than 21 years of experience in fields of geodesy, architecture, planning of territories and cadastral measurements.


21 YEARS OF GUARANTEE _ we guarantee and take responsibility of our tasks and their quality for 21 years now. In Lithuania enterprises often change their names, go bankrupt, stop their activities yet we work for the customer.


QUALITY OF ISO _ all of our services are provided in accordance with  ISO 9001:2008, ISO 14001:2004, OHSAS 18001:2007 international quality standards.


RECOMMENDATIONS _ every customer of “GEOMETRA” will recommend to choose us. We carry out works for every property owner who addresses us as well as collaborating with ministries, municipalities of republic of Lithuania along with other state-owned and private enterprises.


HONESTY _ we are proud because “GEOMETRA” concludes official contracts for all tasks and writes out invoices to all the works provided, pays all state taxes and only pays official salaries to employees.


If you want to receive good, quality services, “GEOMETRA” – your best choice today. It is a company working for long years and meeting the expectations of customers. After introducing international quality standarts ISO, “GEOMETRA” has improved that.




      “GEOMETRA” acknowledged as meeting the standards of management system



       Policy of quality, environment, health and security of employees